Monday, January 23, 2012

Katy Perry kiss Ivan Dorschner: Live in Manila

The former Pinoy Big Brother Teen Housemate Ivan Dorschner is trending on Twitter Philippines. Why? Because of the viral video and pictures that Katy Perry did kiss him during her concert in Manila last January 22,2012. 

Everybody was shouting during the night because Ivan Dorschner came to the stage in topless mode. And the most part where Katy Perry loved when he pissed the left nipple of Ivan Dorschner.

For the viral video, here's the video where you can see how lucky Ivan Dorschner is. I got envy to Ivan Dorschner because he has a chance to kissed the international superstar Katy Perry.

Katy Perry with one kiss so he said to Ivan Dorschner to kiss her again and Ivan Dorschner kissed her again. whaat.. Hope I'm Ivan.. 

For the viral pictures, credited to the fan page of Ivan Dorschner and Fretzie Bercede.

Katy Perry Kiss Ivan Dorschner

Katy Perry Kiss Ivan Dorschner

And for the proof, Ivan Dorschner is trending in Twitter Philippines or even worldwide. How lucky Ivan is. Hope to kissed Katy Perry sooner.. Whoaah..Katy Perry rocks!

Katy Perry Kiss Ivan Dorschner trending in twitter

Katy Perry Kiss Ivan Dorschner trending in twitter

Congratulations to Ivan Dorschner. May araw rin ako makahalik kay Katy Perry. The time will come for me to kiss Katy Perry.

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