Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slater Young - Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Big Winner

After staying inside the PBB house for 155 days on this season Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Edition, the season was ended after they announced the Pinoy Big Brotherr Unlimited Big Winner - Slayer Young

Slater Young, Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited

Who is Slater Young?

Full Name: Jan Slater Young
Nickname: Slater
City: Cebu City
Birthdate: December 19, 1987
Occupation: Civil Engineer

After getting the highest votes against other 3 housemates, he was named as the PINOY BIG BROTHER UNLIMITED BIG WINNER.

Slater was shocked when he was announced as the latest Big Winner. All he can say to all his supporters "Grabe, Thank You, Thank you so much". Slater Young is came from a well-off family from Cebu City since he was a civil engineer.

For your information, Slayer Young was the first male BIG WINNER from all regular season of Pinoy Big Brother. The other BIG WINNER of PINOY BIG BROTHER on regular season was Nene Tamayo, Keanna Reeves and Beatriz Saw.

Slayer Young won 2 Million pesos after he named as Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Big Winner with the percentage votes of 40.02 followed by Pamu Pamorada as the second big placer, 3rd Big Placer Biggel and the 4th Big Placer with the percentage votes of 17.10 Paco Evangelista.

Observation, The Quirino Grandstand was look like a People Power because of many people want to see the big event of this season, Congratulations to all housemates and staff of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited especially to the latest Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited BIG WINNER SLATER YOUNG.

After announcing the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited. New season of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition will start after a week Aprill 8, 2012.

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